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"In this doggone world it's hard to find someone who understands everything we try to say and do.
Man's best friend is always there to listen."

1993 - 2003



To the left is my FLASHDANCE retro look which I decided to un-leash! (Pardon the pun)
I don't think Jennifer Beales has ever let the shoulders this low

The answer is the kitty.

Welcome to BOOGAR.NET!

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If you have arrived here by mistake you are welcome to stay. I have no objections at making you feel just as welcome as any of my invited guests.


The purpose of my site is to introduce myself and give you tips on how to keep your four legged friend happy and content. Using my own proven method of pet appeal can bring you closer to your pup.

I have been on the pages of various magazines by the request of many fans. This allows me to share with the world my versatile photogenic appeal.

Some promotional ads from
recordings released a few years back.



Who said I wasn't going to go far? Just because I don't wander off from the porch!
My cement slab on Walk of Fame at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - the ceremonies were festive featuring Snoop Doggy-Dog and a performance of "Who Let The Dog's Out" by the Bahama Men.

My hip-hop attempt back in 2000 -
I just could not record the language that is required for this genre of music.
I also prefer more family oriented sing-alongs.
Photo by Francesco Scavullo
Top and right: Just more mug shots!
Photo by Ann Leaverman (Courtesy of Rolling Stone)

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