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I was astounded that koi fish only come to the surface to take breaths of air. Due to my breathing conditions I would not swim well.

Wesson Food Industries tried to sue me over using their product for my last poster, but as my attorney told them, "It's just too doggone bad!"

Just me out in the country (well actually Palm Springs) being the "Outdoor Pup".

above: I was offerred this ad for Serta Matresses and before I could nap the contracts were signed!

right: The cover of Cannes "Film Magazine" during last years run - Elizabeth Taylor still isn't speaking to me!

boogar10.jpg (26828 bytes)
Me and my family. As you can see I was destined to be a star - I mean can you see the close up potential?
boogar11.jpg (14539 bytes)
This was a cheap shot!
I am still not speaking to the photog who snapped this of my mom and I chowing down!

Taking time out during the shooting of a commercial I did for Puppy Chow...

...usually after a day of filming I am exhausted. Here I am on down time.

New Years Eve 2001

I am always followed by photographers - this isn't one of my better shots. But sometimes they catch you offguard.

A Father's Day card to my wonderful father last year.

This is me standing in front a Jakaranda tree planted in memory of my mother, Mo.

A photo postcard

A spoof on Charlie's Angels was fun last year. It was tough be 3 super pups in one movie.

Me and my best friend, Charles Grisier

At a baseball game - Gary Norton, my daddy and I.

My Daddy and I

My daddy, my mom and I on a walk

Once again, but kicking back at home.

Christmas 2000

The RCA pup has nothing on me.

Left and above: 2 shots on me at the Grammy Awards 2001 Presentation

Mom and I.


Above and right: Visiting Southwestern College campus

My Daddy and I at a Glamor Shots sitting last summer.

My 2 Daddies - how lucky can a puppy be to have 2 Daddies?

See ya later!